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Good news from South Korean Market-QGM's T10 Fully Automatic Production Line
2015-01-19 10:10:25

Our cooperation with Korean concrete company embodies QGM's first step to South Korea. The company has a heavy presence in South Korea, with a history of over 30 years. Due to the need of increasing production, the company wanted to buy high quality block making machine. Then, they targeted Chinese market. Since July, the representatives of the company has been to China several times for studying the block machine market in China and visited several well-known block making companies. After knowing QGM had a customer for T10 Fully Automatic Production Line in Guizhou, they left for Guizhou and inspected our equipment.They were quite delighted to see that our equipment could use slag and construction waste to make blocks, which means they could have more choices in raw material to significantly reduce production cost. After visiting the T10 production line, they headed for the headquarter of QGM.

Moreover, they are quite satisfied with the manufacturing technique and quality of QGM's products. Finally, the two parties signed the contract,achieving cooeration.

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